Small Equipment

Respiratory Devices

Nebulizers, CPAPs, BIPAPS. Includes tubing, cannulas, and other necessary supplies

Pumps & Suctions

Kangaroo pumps, suctions, temperature therapy pumps


Briefs, pads, floor fall pads, cannulas, tubing, and many other items

We Provide high-quality medical equipment.


Our equipment is cleaned, inspected, and serviced to the highest quality possible to ensure it meets our customer’s needs.

Large Equipment


Full electric beds. Static mattresses, Low-air-loss mattresses, 1/2 bed rails, full bed rails, perimeter mattress covers, bed wedges, etc.

Wheelchairs, Walkers & Canes

14″ to 28″ wheelchairs. High-back wheelchairs. Super-hemis. Adjustable hemis, Rollators, Walkers w/ wheels, Extra-tall walkers, Canes with tripod stands, etc.

Broda Chairs

Certified Broda dealer. 18″ to 22″. Also some 24″ & 28″ also available. Clearpaths. Centric Tilts, etc.


Gas WABs. Gas M6s. Oxygen concentrators. Oxygen racks. Oxygen carts, etc.

Lifts & Slings

Electric lifts, hydraulic lifts, full mesh slings, scales for slings, etc.

Commodes & Shower Chairs

Drop-arm commodes, transfer benches, padded shower chairs and commodes, un-padded shower chairs and commodes, shower commode, etc.

**Bariatric Equipment also available.